Best Road Trips in New England

See the Scenic Northeast Along These Famed Tours

Hit the road and see the Maine or Connecticut coast this summer, have a crisp adventure in New Hampshire and Vermont, and just plain enjoy yourself in historic Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Why not start with the New England’s Maritime Trail? New England is anchored to the sea, like rope to a buoy. Coastal towns and villages are steeped in Atlantic lore, and scenic roadways uncoil along the water from Connecticut to Maine.

Continueing our Maritime Trail Drive, we follow the New England coast, stopping at seaside New England towns and villages drenched in Atlantic lore.

On our final leg of the Maritime Trail Drive, we ambulate inland to Vermont! While the Green Mountain State is the only New England state without ocean frontage, there’s certainly no shortage of water. Nature has gifted Vermont with the largest lake east of the Great Lakes, and the sixth largest freshwater in the U.S. – glorious Lake Champlain.

Now try New Hampshire's Sea to Mountains Tour from Portsmouth to Mount Washington. From the cool blue sweep of Atlantic shoreline to its majestic White Mountains, New Hampshire is a driver’s dream. Dip your toes in the Atlantic one instant, and then, in just over two hours, you can take a hike in the expansive Whites (or shop in a major outlet mecca, for that matter).